Chemspec East Anglia was formed in February 1990, by partners Peter Kane and Andrew Buck.

We became members of the Crest Marketing Group in 1997, this is an association of independent agrochemical distributors who buy together. We moved to new purpose built premises in July 1998 on George Edwards Road, Fakenham Industrial Estate. Chemspec East Anglia was incorporated in August 2000, Chemspec East Anglia is now the trading name of Chemspec East Anglia Ltd. Founding partners Peter and Andrew became the joint shareholders and directors of the limited company, ensuring the continuing independence of the company.

At the start of 2003, Well known agronomists, Roger Bassham, Peter Single and David Wright joined Chemspec from Agrovista (formally Cropcare). They were appointed Directors of Chemspec East Anglia Ltd in August 2003.

In May 2005, James Francis joined Chemspec from Sands Agricultural Services Ltd (now Frontier). James attended Shuttleworth agricultural college where he completed an HND in agriculture, before continuing at Harper Adams university where he gained a BSC Honours in crop management. As well as being a fully qualified Agronomist, James is involved in Entry Level Stewardship applications, Higher level Scheme applications and Single Farm Payment forms on behalf of our customers.

In 2008 Mark Randell joined Chemspec from Hutchinsons. Mark services a client base on the North Norfolk coast.

In 2009 Peter and Stephanie Kane retired from the company, after 20 years of dedicated hard work building a relatively small company to the thriving respected business it is today.

In February 2011 Peter Pointen joined from Frontier,  Peter comes from a farming background. He studied agriculture at Eastern College and then carried on at Harper Adams where he graduated in 2004. Peter brings a young modern approach to farm management and agronomy.

In March 2011 David Youngs joined Chemspec from Hutchinsons. David has always been involved in agriculture at his family farm at Lingwood. After leaving college David started work as a trainee farm manager in Norfolk, before deciding to pursue a career in agronomy with Crop Care Chemicals and lately with Hutchinsons. Given the area David works in he has a large involvement in potatoes and is a valuable asset to the team.

In December 2011 Roger Bassham retired after 9 dedicated years with the company to enjoy spending time playing golf and taking a well-earned rest in his garden.

In December 2014 it was David Wright’s turn to take a well-earned rest and enjoy his retirement.

Meet the Team

Our Belief

It is the belief of the company that the Agricultural Industry is undergoing major change and it is the ability of its customers to adapt and embrace the large amount of physical and political problems facing them at present, which will determine their profitability for the future.

Chemspec as a company has evolved to assist their customers in the lengthy audit trail, which accompanies crop production. From NVZ’z to Stewardship Schemes, we believe an agronomist plays a key role in the daily management and implementation of new legislation.

Chemspec offers longterm commitment to their customers based on mutual understanding and trust, which combined with local knowledge and expertise allows for individual and comprehensive service.