Chemspec agronomists have had many years of experience in advising on game cover crop mixtures and their agronomy requirements. Using our extensive data base we can recommend herbicide options for very complicated game cover mixes.

Typical broad leaved weed issues that are encountered in late spring / early summer need dealing with early to minimise crop competition and maximise the potential of the game cover mix. Often at this time targeted foliar nutrition has been found to be beneficial in maximising crop establishment and vigour.

A common problem with game cover crops is the build-up of specific weeds, as covers are often grown on the same site year after year. These can include weeds such as rouge millet, barnyard grass and other perennial broad leaved weeds. Chemspec has a range of advice and solutions to help you manage specific issues such as these in your sporting mixes, starting with cultural control advice and tailoring suitable seed mixes to the herbicide programmes that can successfully deal with these weeds.

Catch and cover crops can among other things help to increase resource use efficiency, improve system management/resilience, benefit environmental goals and increase yields/economic returns. Chemspec agronomists can provide advice based on current understanding of how to select, deploy and make the most of specific cover crops against identified end uses. The management of many does not stop after sowing – there will often need to be a plan in place to desiccate and manage the residues of these crops to ensure the following crop benefits from their inclusion.