Crop Spraying

With increased legislation and regulation some growers prefer to have the application of their pesticide done for them by a professional, experienced contractor. Also having the benefit of a low ground pressure machine is an advantage in certain situations.

Chemspec working together with our contracting partners can arrange the required service for you.

Sprayers available include:
3 x 24m Agri Buggy
1 x 12m Agri Buggy
Low ground pressure fertiliser application machine 12 and 24m
12m Trailed quad bike sprayer and fertiler.
2 x TMA 4 Boomed granular machines.
36m and 24m Bateman self propelled.

Fertiliser Application

We can also arrange contract application of both bulk blend fertiliser and suspension fertiliser.

GPS Soil Sampling

Through another one of our partner companies we can undertake GPS PCN and loam sampling. This service offers the most accurate method of sampling available and allows you to make more informed decisions regarding managing Potato Cyst Nematodes. It also makes variable rate fertiliser applications possible.