The starting point of crop production is determining the health of the soil it is to be sown in. Most of Chemspec’s sampling is carried out by the agronomist or by assigned local contractors. If you have a soil, manure or organic material you wish to be tested for nutrients just give the office a call and someone will be on hand to carry this out or ensure the sample is properly delivered to the laboratory for analysis.

We offer a full soil sampling service, either manually or using a GPS enabled quad bike. The soil samples are then analysed by an ISO standard laboratory and fertiliser recommendations given. If using the GPS system we can programme a smart card allowing variable rate application if a suitable applicator is available.

This picture shows a crop of winter beans.The crop had been treated 7 days before with Multiplex foliar feed and an insecticide. The pale area on the photo is an area that didn’t get sprayed showing the crop greening effect of the multiplex.

The crop had previously had a leaf tissue analysis taken that showed the crop to be deficient in Magnesium, Boron, Molybdenum and Sulphur.

MULTIPLEX is a fully water-soluble fast-dissolving crystalline blend containing 8% Boron, 6% MgO, 4% N, 13% S, 2% Mn, 0.04% Mo, and 0.1% Zn co-formulated with Intracrop’s patented uptake agent that enhances the spread and adhesion of the nutrients over the plant to ensure effective and rapid nutrient uptake.

The benefit of MULTIPLEX applications will of course vary farm by farm and field by field according to a range of factors, including:

  • The level of soil nutrient availability
  • soil type
  • previous cropping
  • organic matter content
  • soil moisture
  • soil pH
  • root manipulation achieved through phosphite application and triazole choice
  • NPK regime – which also effects root development and soil nutrient access.

Treatment with Multiplex in trails has given an additional 0.25T to 0.3T/Ha. No wonder that the PGRO’s highest gross margin bean crops have been treated with Multiplex !

With beans at £180/T, farmers may wish to invest more heavily in the crop, in which case 3kg MULTIPLEX should be worthy of consideration with up to £250 return in additional yield.