An eco-intensive range developed to attack weeds that have become resistant to conventional herbicides whilst preserving soil structure and improving its fertility and cleanliness

Pioneered in America, biofumigant mustard seeds are rapidly expanding their share of the crop protection market.

The Crest Group is pleased to have exclusive UK representation of a range of mustard biofumigants developed by Professor Jack Brown of the University of Idaho, Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Department.

With his mustard cultivars, Professor Brown, who has a worldwide reputation, has produced seeds that protect crops against diseases and nematodes, attack herbicide-resistant weeds such as Black Grass, improve soil fertility, preserve soil structure and improve soil cleanliness.

Intentive Technology

Increasingly we have found that farmers are demanding biological supplements and alternatives to chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, and this is where we believe these superior bio-designer mustard varieties and blends come to the fore. Through the implementation of intensive ecology they protect crops against diseases and nematodes and attack weeds that have become resistant to conventional pesticides.

“It is proven that certain mustard seeds support the chemical management of pests and weeds.”

Professor Jack Brown

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