Failures of cross compliance inspections have recently been published by the RPA with the results indicating poor record keeping as the main reason for non-compliance. These culminated in the loss of £1.4 million from reductions to single farm payments.


The number of NVZ failings almost trebled in 2012 and failure to complete the Soil Protection Review nearly doubled. Other areas where breaches are on the increase include those related to the use of farmyard manure which can be down to as little as spreading FYM without a risk map or manure storage close to watercourses.


1. Are your risk maps up to date in relation to the SPR, NVZ or GAEC 19?
2. Have you completed your nutrient management plan taking into account FYM if applicable?
3. Is the SPR (soil Protection Review) up to date?
4. Are you aware of the new rules coming into force from 1st Jan 2014 in English NVZ’s?

These are just some of the questions where if the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ you could be placing 3-5% of your single farm payment at risk.

Chemspec will be continuing their auditing services to customers and will be actively encouraging clients to review their records to ensure they remain compliant.

If you want to know more about the auditing services we offer either speak to your local Chemspec agronomist or call our office on 01328 856197

Peter Pointen

Posted by Peter Pointen


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